Manhattan Plastic Molds and Casts is a professional plastic mold manufacturer, established in 2005, we have been striving to study, develop, and making the plastic mold and plastic casting parts, molded injection parts for plastics industrial. Up to now, we have around 60 skilled moldmakers, 20 engineers.

In the mold designing course, some 2D or 3D software (such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro-E, UG and so on) applied for assisting in plastic mold and part designing. Before mold is put into physical making, the DFM report and Moldflow software will be adapted to analyze such course to make sure if it is rational and workable. In the making course, there is a set of making method system design, individual making, concentrate assembling, scientific managing, to help us improving mold quantity and service life. Up to now, we have created the plastic mold whose cycle time is over 3,000,000 shorts.

Our plastic injection molding parts and molds have been sold to U.S.A. Canada, Malaysia , Iran, German, Italy , Lithuanian, Indonesia , Africa and so on. Meanwhile, we have established good business cooperation with many overseas companies. Look into the future, we will be at the principle of scientific designing, wonderful making technical, accurately assembling’ to continuously improve our mold structure, mold manufacturing and design technical, mold material and hot process technical and so on. Making the toppest products, achieve the best benefit for our client’ is our top aim.